If you have any problems regarding the service of, you are free to contact me using the contact-form in the bottom right. This will open up a support ticket and I will get back to you. If you have questions regarding your implementation, check out the wiki site which contains all the documentation and links needed to get started. Especially check out the Getting started article on the wiki.

Any known problems will be posted on the Facebook page where you are also free to ask questions. In addition, you will get the quickest support by simply using the Spot.IM chat-window that you find in the bottom left corner of the screen. Here your questions is visible for everyone including site staff and other clients and you will probably get an answer from someone who have had the same question as yourself.

If you are an European (private) customer, you can also use the new Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), but this is for disputes and not for technical support. If you do this, you need to use the e-mail address [email protected] as identifier for us.