Free Demo

I want you to try the service out before you decide whether it's worth the money or not. The demo has no timelimit so you can demo it as long as you would like. Furthermore the demo uses the exact same functionality as a pro-account. The only difference is, that with a demo key, you are only allowed to draw information from our database regarding the Scottish Premier League. That means that you can test and develop your applications in all regards (historical data, standings, market details, livescore and fixtures) as much as you would like towards the demo-API for FREE. If you for some odd reason is only interested in the Scottish League anyway, lucky you - you just found a great API for FREE!
When you have finished you application development you can simply pay using PayPal and you have now access to all leagues. The data-structure stays the same and you even get to keep your old API-key so the transformation from a free user to a payed subscriber is very seamless.

Check out the Support for an insight look of the service and code-examples for you to grab. Some of the data/statistics easily available through the API is:

  • Historical matches including statistics
  • Livescore and current game information
  • Fixtures and standings (past, present and future)
  • Market details (bookmaker odds) on future matches
  • Team information

To try it out, you have to register now or login if you already have an account. When your e-mail is validated you will automatically receive a working Demo API-Key instantly.