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Sign up and receive your free API-key instantly. You have unlimited access to the Scottish Premier League.


Well documented XML Webservices

Complete Helpcenter with examples, downloadable libraries etc. for your coding convenience.


Cheap, fast and reliable

Making structured public domain sports-data available at a very low price without compromising quality of the service.


Fixtures, Results and statistics

Extremely comprehensive database with all the biggest soccerleagues around the world ready for your queries.



Elliminate the need for timeconsuming datacollecting and structuring now and in the future.

Using Extensible Markup Language (XML) we provide you with a fast and stable database filled with historical data, livescore and fixtures including market details (odds) from most of the European soccer-leagues.

We are specialised in providing a cheap and stable machine-readable data-feed from our always up to date database. We always provide one league free of charge (simply register and you are ready to go) so you can test our service, and start developing your projects using our extensive database TODAY!

Visit the League page to see the complete list of supported Europeen leagues. We believe in simplicity and effeciency - that is why we use a very simple and transparent price-model: Flatrate. You pay €10/month which grants you access to all services and all leagues.

You simply connect to our webservice stating information you need, and it will provide nicely structured data ready for display on your website or as input in your statistical models. Subscribing will grant you unlimited access which includes the following

Don't hesitate, TRY our service for free (ALL functionality within ONE League) by registering now or login if you already have an account.

Four easy steps for getting your project going:

  • 1. Register FREE to get an account (No creditcard information required) - This will grant you a API Key that gives you unlimited access to the Scottish Premier League for as long as you need, so you can develop your project in peace with NO COST.

  • 2. Read documentation - perhaps use one of the already existing Open Source Frameworks for integrating to

  • 3. Purchase subscription - when YOU and YOUR PROJECT is ready for launch, so that you now have access to all Leagues. Don't worry, the data structure is the same for all Leagues, so if your App/Website/Whatever is working for the FREE Scottish Premier League, then it will also work with the remaining 40+ leagues! If you are only interested in the Scottish League, then forget about this step and just be happy that you have found a FREE API for your favorite Football data - my treat!

  • 4. Tell me about your project - My intention for this service is to supply cheap sportsdata for both small and medium sized businesses in an environment that is developer-friendly and doesn't require a lot of financial commitment - and I love to hear about whatever project you have been working on, so spread the word on my Facebook page!

Curious type that wants a sneak peak?

Check out the Webservice definitions.

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